About FoxTrot1

FoxTrot1 was created in 2015 by Mark Browne, a former homicide detective, undercover narcotics agent, and deputy sheriff. When starting FoxTrot1, Mark wanted to take his vast professional experience and create a quality company where clients can be confident in their investigators.  A nationwide team was assembled and FoxTrot1 was established.  Mark and his team of nationwide investigators include former law enforcement, top tier military, Navy Seal master chiefs, and federal law enforcement officers. Mark, along with being a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI), Board Certified Criminal Investigator and former Detective is also an accomplished helicopter pilot and certified flight instructor with over 4000 hours of flight time.  What does this mean for you?  It means you get a true professionals who will be working closely on your cases.   Real experience in real investigations and security.  FoxTrot1 is one of very few investigative and security companies to offer aerial surveillance from a helicopter.  Just like in the picture, we do having a working dog that is part of the team.  He is a 2 year old Dutch Shepard, named Helo!