Workplace Violence


Active Shooter scenarios around the country are on the rise. Schools, corporations, churches, and individuals are all at risk of being the victim of an attack. The problem is only getting worse with no end in sight. There are ways to mitigate these risks, however!

Active Shooter Presentations and scenario training is a service that many companies are providing now to help you know what to do in the event of an emergency. These are very helpful and can save thousands of lives across the country. Here at Foxtrot1, we take it one step further. We offer presentations that not only cater to active shooters but also workplace violence mitigation. Active Shooters don’t typically wake up one day and decide that they are going to start shooting people. It takes time for the emotion to build up. The anger festers over whatever may be their issue at the workplace. (Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is the mentally ill who are committing these crimes. Mentally ill people are statistically more likely to be the victim of an active shooter and workplace violence rather than the perpetrator.) People who become active shooters are typically going to show various kinds of indicators that they are unhappy, depressed, angry, etc. They think about it and act on it, but it usually takes time for the anger or frustration to build and the plan to be implemented. Since they all have a plan, you should too!

We offer presentations for not only active shooters, but the indicators for workplace violence and the steps to take to mitigate these risks. Our team of consultants has been in shootouts with active shooters and know firsthand what it is like to be involved. Our team are of expert interviewers/interrogators have interviewed many active shooters and are able to help you identify red flag indicators. We have heard it from the criminals themselves. We come to you and train your upper level management on indicators, advanced situational awareness, and aggressive measures to reduce the chance of violence at your workplace, school, or church. Call the experts at FT1 and let us conduct a threat assessment for you and your team. #foxtrot1 #activeshooter #workplace violence #threatassessment # workplaceviolencemititagtion #crimeprevention #activeshooterpreparedness  #stopthethreat #activeshooterresponse